The Table

God did not create us to just to fulfill tasks and bring home a paycheck. Instead, we were designed for so much more! That’s why God created tables. We are to slow down, sit down, and do life together. We are also to share food and have real-life conversations with one another. God stories are meant to be shared around a table. And when we take the time to cultivate authentic relationships with people, they are told best around a table. Sadly, the table is under attack today in our homes. The kitchen table, meant for stories and conversations, has been reduced to a holding bin for clutter. In addition, we have overscheduled our lives with busyness, so much so, that our new table now comes with four wheels and goes by the name of Toyota, Chevy, Honda…or name your vehicle. How do we re-purpose the table to the position in which God has designed it? This series looks at the power of “the table.”