Say YES to the MESS

Somehow people have been told that when they say YES to Jesus, it now means that the lines in the grocery store become shorter, you’ll get healed from every illness, your food will taste better, and your hardships will go away. But that’s not the case at all. In many ways, life usually becomes messier and hardships more difficult. Just read the Bible! One mess after another. Think about your own home or car. Does it ever get messy? If you’re like most people, we all have that particular stain on the carpet that just won’t come out. You’ve tried soap, but to no avail, it’s set in. Life is messy. However, instead of attempting to get rid of the mess, why not say “YES” to the “MESS” and see what God makes of it? Believe it or not, we have a God that majors in messes! If you have a lot of spills in your life that has left an ugly stain, this series is for YOU!