Messy Church

Everyone has “that” messy room in their home or apartment.  You know, the place in which you hide your stuff under the bed or you toss your clothes into the closet. Many people have a messy garage or storage space.  You open the door risking that you could be injured by falling debris.  Most of us are not proud of a messy life.  We would rather have things orderly and in their place.  But the reality of this is difficult.  Why? Because people, by nature, are messy!  Relationships are messy.  Marriages are messy.  Children are messy.  It’s also important to note that churches are messy too! Everyone carries their messy lives with them and it often times spills out into God’s family.  Fortunately, God has instructions (house rules) in the Bible to help His church clean up the mess and restore broken lives. In the next few weeks together, we are going to examine the early church of the 1st Century and see how messy it really was.  Can we “tidy” up?  Can we learn from the early church what it takes to heal a messy church?