It's like having your favorite artists in your own living room!

75 feet from your favorite artist

What makes our living room series so unique is that anyone who attends our acoustic concerts are never further than 75 feet from their favorite artist!  It's like having your favorite artist in your very own living room - with a bunch of people of course.

Because of our intimate venue, the seats go FAST.  We encourage you to purchase them ASAP when they appear.

Upcoming Concert:

An evening of music with MACK BROCK! Wednesday September 23rd 2020 at 7pm.

You are invited to join us for an amazing night of music with MACK BROCK! You will not want to miss this night of huge hits!

Tickets for Mack Brock will sell out quickly!

Get yours today...click the link below!

(* If you bring a child, you must purchase their seat. This is an adult designed venue, we ask that you use discretion when bringing children.  Thank you!)

mack brock 1

Past Concerts

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