Doing good - together.

Once a month, people across Willowbrook Church give just $5 to see the amazing things that can happen when we all do good together; to spread the hope, love, and joy of Christ together.

Through the High Five Club, we get to see how generosity and kindness make an incredible impact on the lives of people in our community who may have previously felt forgotten or unloved.

Ways to Get Involved


You can join the High Five Club by simply adding just $5 to your regular giving!

You can also give directly to the High Five Club at anytime! Just click the button below and  choose the "High Five Club" fund!


In addition to your $5 monthly gift, you can join one of the High Five Club serving teams!

Serving gives you the opportunity to go into our community and make a difference, build relationships, and be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Making a difference in our community and in our world.