Join us for our 21 days of prayer campaign that begins on Sunday November 7th! Each day for 21 days we are asking that our Willowbrook family join us in corporate prayer for our church, community and families. Check out the schedule for the 21 days below! (*Note that some of the days our campus will be open for you to come in and pray, we would love for you to join us!)

11/7    Pray for our church family and those who are away from us during the pandemic.
11/8    Pray for our new land and for our future home. Pray that it will be fully funded by our generosity.
11/9    Pray for our children and families in our Kid's program.  For our leaders and volunteers.  (6:30-7:30 PM on Campus)
11/10  Pray for our City and all of those in leadership positions in our Country. For our police, fire, and military.
11/11  Pray for our schools and for our teachers and students, that Christ might be honored and proclaimed.
11/12  Pray for those who are sick and need divine healing from our Great Physician.
11/13  Pray for those who need financial assistance and might be out of work. That God would make a way.
11/14  Pray for those who do not know Jesus - that we would invite them to join us at church.
11/15  Pray for those who face addictions and need their chains released to find freedom from their bondage.
11/16  Pray for our students, volunteers, and our Student Ministries Program and for their families. (6:30 - 7:30 PM on Campus)
11/17  Pray for those who act like our enemies. May we offer them forgiveness to free us from harboring resentment.
11/18  Pray for our women in the church. Those who need to be encouraged and honored for their remarkable contributions.
11/19  Pray for all of our volunteers in our church.  And that God would send even more into the harvest field to make a kingdom impact.
11/20  Pray for all of our men in the church. That they would grow strong in their spiritual leadership.
11/21  Pray for all of us who need to practice repentance and turn our hearts back in the right direction toward God.
11/22  Pray that we will be alert to the temptations that we face and that God would keep us from being tempted.
11/23  Pray for those who are in jail and that our jail ministry would produce godly fruit in the inmates' lives.
11/24  JOIN US FOR OUR THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE AT 7:00 PM  - Pray for our Worship Leaders and Volunteers.
11/26  Pray for our Prayer Team and for those who spend their days in the trenches, doing spiritual warfare on our behalf.
11/27 Pray that each person involved in the 21 DAYS OF PRAYER will continue to commit to praying daily.