"Stranger Danger" doesn't work anymore...so who can your kids turn to if they are in trouble? What signs can you look for if a child is potentially being exploited?


Join us MONDAY FEBRUARY 25th from 6:30-8pm for a FREE "Keep Kids Safe" presentation by the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center. Trust me, it's the BEST INFORMATION that you hope to NEVER need! 


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. The "Keep Kids Safe" presentation is for all adults and kids ages 5/Kindergarden up to teenagers! 


We are also offering FREE childcare for kids birth up to age 5 so that all families can attend together...it is THAT IMPORTANT! 


Register your younger children needing childcare here:


We hope to see you and your friends, neighbors and the entire family at Willowbrook Chuch on Monday, February 25th!




Email us with any questions!