Greg Boyd










  Willowbrook is excited to invite you to an up-close

        and personal night with Greg Boyd!

               Sunday night, May 20th


A son wrestles with his father's questions. Three years and more than 30 letters later, Letters from a Skeptic was published and Edward Boyd, Greg's father, came to accept Christ. During his journey, he and his son hash through such topics as why the world is so full of suffering; why an all-powerful God needs prayer; how you can believe in someone who rose from the dead; and how another man's death can pardon others. Despite their brutal honesty, both men exhibit respect and love toward one another as they address these volatile subjects. It's a heart-warming story of a son's love for his father and his dad's honest questions about faith.


Greg will be on hand to share his story and to answer some of the tough questions that often go unanswered.

Due to limited seating, we are asking each person to please register.

Cost is 15 dollar per-couple and 10.00 per-individual.

This includes Greg's book, "Letters from a Skeptic," and a light dessert.