Get your tickets for our Living Room Series featuring five time Grammy nominee, Matt Maher.  Matt and his band will be with us on Wednesday evening, July 8, at 7:00 PM. Purchase tickets NOW before they are sold out!



Do you feel stuck in a rut, as if each day is the same as the one before?  Do you ever wonder what difference you are making in the world, if any?  Our new series will help us understand what Jesus is requesting from us as his followers, what our true calling is, and how we should view ourselves in light of his words found in Matthew 5.  God has strategically positioned each of us in this world to make an impact, and to change it for His good.  But how will this happen if we remain on a leash, settled in and feeling too comfortable to move forward?


If you missed a Sunday, you can watch online from your home or phone.  Simply click on the picture above to be linked to our Media Site.  We believe that the teaching of God's Word is the catalysts for life change. Each message is designed for those of us who are looking for meaning in life through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Enjoy!


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